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Intermod Assist -- Intermodulation Analysis and Frequency Coordination Software

Intermod Assist -- Intermodulation Analysis and Frequency Coordination Software

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Intermod Assist is a new, ground-breaking software tool specifically designed for the wireless, professional audio and video industries.  Its computational engine rapidly generates frequency sets of intermodulation distortion-free radio frequencies, applying user-defined signal bandwidths and channel spacing. These frequency sets can be used to coordinate transmitter frequencies where the goal is to assign the most reliable channels to your wireless audio and video gear -- that is, to ensure reliable operation of the wireless devices by assigning channels that are free of intermodulation interference.

Intermod Assist runs on the following Windows operating systems -- Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit). Each license key that you purchase is valid for installing the software on a single machine.

  • Calculates frequency sets that are free of intermodulation interference caused by 3rd- and 5th-order intermodulation products -- in particular two transmitter 3rd-order intermod products (2Tx 3rds), three transmitter 3rd-order intermod products (3Tx 3rds), and two transmitter 5th-order intermod products (2Tx 5ths)
  • Generates intermod-compatible frequency sets of varying stringencies: Strictest, Strict, Moderate, Lenient, Weak, Weaker, Weakest
  • Introduces Smart Frequency Sets™ -- a new concept which combines 3 classes of intermod stringencies within a single frequency set and ranks frequencies according to their susceptibility to intermodulation interference, which allows you to prioritize channel assignments
  • Exports intermod-compatible frequency sets in different formats so they can be used or validated by other programs and scripts
  • Validates frequency sets created either manually or by other programs
  • Can generate an intermod-compatible frequency set from an RF spectrum trace that also takes into account a white space threshold that locks-out certain frequency ranges
  • Can manually lock-out certain frequency ranges within the frequency span of interest
  • Ranks frequencies within a frequency set from most reliable to least reliable
  • Fast computations; easy-to-use interface and graphical output
  • Generates PDF reports

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