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AirSleuth -- RF Spectrum Analyzer Software for RTLSDR (RTL2832U)

AirSleuth -- RF Spectrum Analyzer Software for RTLSDR (RTL2832U)

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AirSleuth software turns data collected from RTLSDR (RTL2832U) receivers into highly graphical charts and displays, enabling users to more readily visualize the RF environment, monitor RF signals, troubleshoot RF issues, and detect sources of RF interference.

AirSleuth runs natively under Windows and MacOS architectures -- both Intel x64 and Apple Silicon (M1/M2).  The software is free -- however, it does require that you acquire a license key by going through the normal checkout process. No credit card information is collected -- only an email address to send the license key to. When you register a license key it becomes associated with the serial number (S/N) of a specific PC. Each PC (i.e. serial number) requires its own license key.

The software works with any RTLSDR (RTL2832U) receiver, however, we highly recommend the model NESDR SMArt from Nooelec.  It is inexpensive and generates both detailed and reliable RF spectrum traces.

System Requirements:

  • RF Analyzer: Any RTLSDR receiver using the RealTek RTL2832U chip.
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (or later) MacOS Monterey (12.6) or later, including both M1/M2 (ARM64) and Intel Core (x64) architectures.
  • Internet Connection: Required for activating the license key, registration validation and tracking the trial period.