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ClearWaves -- RF Spectrum Analyzer & Frequency Coordination Software for RF Explorer

ClearWaves -- RF Spectrum Analyzer & Frequency Coordination Software for RF Explorer

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ClearWaves was designed and developed for wireless audio professionals and RF applications such as live performances, broadcast productions, conferences, and other events where mobility and flexibility are required. Wireless audio gear allows performers, presenters, and audio professionals to move freely without being tethered by cables while maintaining high-quality audio transmission. 

ClearWaves combines the RF spectrum analysis capabilities of Touchstone-Pro with intermodulation analysis -- employing patented Smart Frequency Sets to generate and monitor the most reliable frequencies for use by applications that require frequency coordination. Effective frequency management is crucial to avoid RF interference and intermodulation distortion (IMD) and requires selecting appropriate frequency bands, monitoring the RF spectrum for existing users and interference sources, and coordinating frequency assignments to minimize conflicts with other wireless devices and the probability of intermodulation distortion.

ClearWaves runs natively under Windows and MacOS architectures -- both Intel x64 and Apple Silicon (M1/M2). When you register a license key it becomes associated with the serial number (S/N) of a specific RF Explorer device and NOT a machine. You are permitted to install the Windows and MacOS versions of the software on as many machines as you like.  However, during the registration process the license key you purchased becomes associated with a particular RF Explorer device and its serial number.  If you have only one RF Explorer device then you are good to go.  But if you have more than one RF Explorer device then each will require its own license key.

System Requirements:

  • RF Analyzer: Any model RF Explorer device connected to PC via USB cable that supports both power and data.
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (or later) MacOS Catalina (10.15) or later, including both M1/M2 (ARM64) and Intel Core (x64) architectures.
  • Internet Connection: Required for activating the license key, registration validation and tracking the trial period.