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AirHORN 802.11 Channel/Signal Generator -- Single-Band

AirHORN 802.11 Channel / Signal Generator -- Single-Band

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AirHORN is a unique, PC-based product that aids in testing WiFi antennas, RF shields and wireless networks. The single-band model is an RF (radio frequency) signal generator that covers the 2.4x GHz ISM bands and was designed for microwave, RF and Wi-Fi applications. AirHORN transmits stable and accurate RF signals for each of the WiFi(802.11) channels and is ideal for research and development of antenna design. A signal generation system is a key to any test system – AirHORN can be used for rapid evaluation of receiver performances. Combined with an RF spectrum analyzer, you now have the tools to locate "dead spots" in any locale where a WiFi network is installed.

AirHORN May Be Used For:

  • Real-world testing of WiFi antennas and amplifiers
  • Testing the effectiveness of RF shield designs
  • Stress-testing 802.11 (WiFi) wireless networks
  • Aligning directional WiFi antennas
  • Rapid evaluation of receiver performance
  • Locating WiFi 'dead spots'

Package includes USB wireless device, application software, installation program and instructions.